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에너지소재연구단, KIST

흰색 꽃

여기에 ​단체 사진 등을 찍어서 올리면 어떨까 생각해봤습니다.

We are a group consisting of materials scientists and engineers investigating a variety of energy materials for the greener society, with relevant experience in materials synthesis and characterization using a combination of experimental probes and computational science.


Our expertise spans metallurgy, corrosion science, hydrogen storage alloys, and rechargeable batteries using electron microscopy, synchrotron techniques, thermodynamics calculations, DFT calculations, and electrochemistry.


Based on the fundamental understanding of energy materials, we try to design better materials for better world.

We are currently looking for passionate graduate students, undergraduate interns, 
and highly motivated postdoctoral researchers.
Positions are open for H2 storage/separation, Li-ion/multivalent batteries, and
high-temperature anti-corrosion metals.
If interested in energy materials research at KIST, please contact to Dr. Jihyun Hong

Open positions


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