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Young Whan Cho 조영환,  PhD

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Principal Research Scientist

Young Whan's expertise spans on the design and synthesis of nanomaterials, particularly metallic powders, versatilely utilized in various energy applications including Li-ion batteries and hydrogen storage alloys (metal hydrides), based on a thorough understanding of materials' thermodynamic phase stability.


email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-5465

Principal Research Scientist

Woo-Sang designs mechanically strong and commercially relevant metallic alloys, such as Ni-based superalloy, with high chemical- and corrosion- resistivity for high-temperature energy applications.  He is investigating the multi-timescale creep life of alloys from short-term (<5000 hr) to long-term (~100,000 hr) in conjunction with his effort to develop the theoretical models to predict long-term creep life of alloys using short-term behavior.


email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-5429

Woo-Sang Jung 정우상,  PhD


Jae-Hyeok Shim 심재혁,  PhD

Principal Research Scientist


Jae-Hyeok is an expert of computational thermodynamics (CALPHAD),  molecular dynamics, and Monte-Carlo simulation of materials for proton conducting metallic membrane (hydrogen separator), and hydrogen storage alloys (metal hydrides), based on theoretical understanding of materials' thermodynamic phase stability and dynamic phase transformation.


email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-6760

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Principal Research Scientist

Professor, Division of Nano&Information Technology, UST KIST School

Jin-Yoo's research interest lies in the metallic materials' physical and chemical properties that stem from the microstructure. He studies the correlation between the microstructure and the hydrogen-metal interaction in (i) hydrogen storage alloys, (ii) metallic membrane for hydrogen separation, and (iii) hydrogen embrittlement in steels and other alloys. Also, he works on high temperature creep behavior of heat resistant alloys, for examples, type IV failure of the heat affected zone of martensitic heat resistant steels and creep behavior of FCC high entropy alloys.


email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-6805

Jin-Yoo Suh 서진유,  PhD


Dong-Ik Kim 김동익,  PhD


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Principal Research Scientist


Dong-Ik is investigating high-temperature oxidation of metallic materials, for example, Ni-based superalloy, particularly in terms of the microstructure and the texture of alloys using a variety of electron microscopic analysis techniques such as EPMA (WDS), EBSD, and 3d-tomography. He is interested in the correlation between the materials' anti-corrosion property and the phase orientation of the crystalline grains.


email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-5432


Young-Su Lee 이영수,  PhD

Principal Research Scientist


Young-Su is an expert of computational materials science including ab initio (first-principles) calculations and molecular dynamics. She investigates the thermodynamics between guest species and host materials in hydrogen storage alloys (both simple metal hydrides and complex metal hydrides) and solid-electrolyte of Li-ion batteries. Her expertise also spans to the crystal structural characterization using X-ray/Neutron diffraction and Rietveld refinement in conjunction with the theoretical prediction.


email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-5412

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Dong Won Chun 천동원,  PhD

Senior Research Scientist


Dong Won's research interest lies in materials characterization/synthesis on the basis of electron microscopes. He is working on the characterization of hydrogen storage materials/nano-structured catalysts by in-situ TEM.
Also, he is focusing on the quantification of image/spectrum acquired by electron microscope.

email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-6434

Jihyun Hong 홍지현,  PhD

Senior Research Scientist


Jihyun is investigating the interaction between insertion species and host materials and the energy storage mechanism of Li-ion batteries, organic batteries, multivalent-ion aqueous rechargeable batteries, hydrogen storage alloys to make the society more sustainable. He exploits comprehensive ex-situ and in-situ materials characterization techniques including surface/bulk structural probes, chemical probes, gas mass analysis, and electrochemistry. He is with relevant experiences of synchrotron facilities for thorough characterization of energy materials.


email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-5518


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Jinwoo Kim 김진우,  PhD

Senior Research Scientist


Jinwoo is an expert in in-situ materials characterization in multi-stimuli environments, such as stress, temperature, and hydrogen. He investigates the interaction between hydrogen and materials and develops novel metallic materials - for example, high-capacity hydrogen storage alloys and structural alloys with high resistance against hydrogen embrittlement. He also develops novel experimental techniques for investigating microstructural evolution and mechanical property change of materials in extreme environments.


email:, tel: +82-(2)-958-5574


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